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Infrared Heating for your Church

We understand just how difficult heating a church can be especially when operating on a tight budget - high ceilings, large 

open spaces, limited wall space, large windows and poor overall insulation values make heating the church very expensive.

We have several infrared heating solutions that will enable your congregation to be warm with minimal running costs that won't alter the overall appearance of your churches interior.

Our Infrared Pew / Bench Heaters for Confined Heating

One of these church heating solutions is our infrared pew heating system which directly heats the people meaning every penny of energy is used efficiently and effectively heating individuals, not the whole space of the church, most of which is superfluous.

Infrared Pew Heater

These Infrared Pew Heaters are very efficient as they only need to be operated several minutes before the congregation arrives to ensure a warm welcome.

Pew Heater Panels

They each incorporate the very latest technology which ensures that the surface is safe to touch in terms of the surface touch temperature during operation.

Each pew is operated independently so Running Costs are kept to an absolute minimum, you could even say on a “Pay per Pew” basis making it easy to calculate and budget your heating costs.

One great advantage of our heating system is when the service or wedding has finished and the congregation have left you simply turn everything off, reducing your running to zero.

Infrared Red Glow High Output Heaters

Damp Prevention

One of the most important requirements for the church heating is to prevent dampness that causes damage to damp-sensitive church contents such as the organ, frescoes, paintings, architecture, etc.

To this end, all our church heating solutions help you to reduce energy costs, to prevent damp problems and also to keep the community healthier and happier in your warm and cosy church.

How Infrared Works

Infrared heating works in the same way as the sun-rays where the infrared rays warm up objects and once warmed these objects then gently release their heat in to the air, this way increasing the room temperature.

Infrared Church Heating

Other Types of Infrared Heaters for Large Space Heating

Other infrared heating solutions available are infrared underfloor, infrared carpets,  infrared ceiling or wall mounted panels, with or without red glow features making it visible to people where the heated areas are.

Advantages of Infrared Church Heating

  • Saves up to 50% on energy costs (savings depend on insulation, ceiling height, age of the building, etc.).
  • The space can be heated up in a short period of time.
  • Warms the floor through direct infrared radiation.
  • Does not cause air movement that produces dust.
  • Does not produce any noise, has no moving parts and does not require any maintenance.
  • Concentrated heating (can heat only chosen area).
  • Infrared heaters can be suspended or ceiling mounted.
  • Gentle radiant heat results in improved comfort at lower temperatures.
  • Infrared heating uses less energy than conventional heaters by converting about 90% of the electricity into the actual heat with minimal energy loss.
  • Infrared heating heats objects directly in its path.
  • Infrared heating systems do not produce dry heat.
  • Operates with no carbon combustion (does not produce toxic by-products, no possibility of open flame or fuel leaks) their no carbon-monoxide poisoning.
  • Prevents mould growth.
  • Beneficial for people with health conditions such as asthma or bronchial ailments and also Improves blood circulation, metabolism and immune system.
  • Easy to install.

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