Infrared Heating for your Conservatory Heating

Many households spend thousands of pounds adding a conservatory to their home, giving them much needed additional space. 

Conservatory Outside

However for most people during the winter months their conservatory becomes a cold and uncomfortable place to be and therefore doesn’t get used to its full potential. So, if you would like to use your conservatory as an everyday room all year round, why not make your investment a truly worthwhile venture.

Choosing the correct heating will allow you to use your conservatory all year round giving you an extra room without costing you a fortune in energy costs.

Your FREEZING COLD Conservatory...

Convection heaters heat air, this air then rises, heats your ceiling area then cools and falls back into the living space below.

In conservatories this problem is increased considerably as it has a high ceiling and is predominantly made of glass, and although modern glazing is good at keeping heat in, it is prone to not keeping cold out! Whenever you touch your glazing it will be cold.

As warm air is released from the heater, on its upward journey it has to pass large amounts of cold glass, this in turn cools the air much quicker, and whatever warm air remains this is quickly cooled by the cold roof. In order to counteract this, heating is on for longer, costing you more money and with very little extra gain.

Infrared Terrace Heater Inside Conservatory

Infrared Heating in Conservatory

Infrared Panels literally bathe you in soothing, warm infrared rays. As infrared doesn’t rely on heating the air it excludes all the problems of convection heating. Our Infrared Panels are positioned in the apex of the roof allowing for the maximum spread of heat and are so powerful that customers have commented that even their floors become nice and warm.

The Infrared Panels give you a room that you can use all year round with minimal running costs. Easily operated by either simply plugging in or by fully thermostatically controlling the choice is yours.

Infrared Panels offer you maximum heat with minimal running costs. Contact us in order to establish what your conservatory needs to become another everyday room in your house.

Infrared Heating in a Conservatory

More Reasons to make the SWITCH to Infrared Heating

Infrared Panels - Not Just a Purchase BUT a lifetime investment as you can easily take it with you if you move house.

If the lack of floor and wall space is a problem when it comes to heating why not consider heating from above - most conservatories have an abundance of space within the roof area; Infrared Panels are ceiling mounted bathing you and the room in glorious Far Infrared.

Although our standard range of Infrared Panels are more than suitable for use in conservatories, in most cases wall space is limited and furniture is usually backed onto walls making heating awkward and inefficient. That is why most conservatories rely on freestanding plug in convection radiators with high running costs; these could easily be replaced with one of our freestanding Infrared Panels giving direct heat at a fraction of the cost.

So why not use your conservatory this winter, don't lock it away until summer again.

Infrared Heating Glow Type in a Conservatory

Infrared Heating for your Caravan or Holiday Home, Log Cabin, Patios, Coffee Bars and similar

Infrared Panels are also ideal for your holiday home or caravan or any other property where the use of conventional heating systems is expensive to frost protect them during the winter months when not in use or are very expensive to install.

Or you just want to use them comfortably and efficiently all year round.

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