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Infrared Heating Solutions with Exceptional Cost Savings

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Eco World Northeast for energy efficient infrared heating products that reduce your bills, with great benefits to your health and well-being.

Serving the whole of the Northeast and Scotland, our Support and Commitment Promise to You is that whatever Eco World infrared heating product you choose - because we pride ourselves on building quality partnerships with our customers both consumer and commercial alike - we will strive  to ensure that we not only meet, but will try out utmost to continually exceed your expectations.

The Far Infrared Heating Principle Explained

Far Infrared heating is generally felt by humans as more pleasant than warm air heat.
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Conventional heating systems (i.e. Central Heating) transfer the heat using the convection cycle, warming up and circulating around the room.

Infrared heating products have elements built-in that emit Far Infrared energy, directly heating both you and all the objects and walls within the room.

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Our Infrared Heating Products Range

We have a fantastic range of innovative infrared heating products and are continuously adding new products to compliment these on an on-going basis.

This enables us to be able to provide complete infrared heating solutions for new builds and refurbishments alike for people that wish to move over from the conventional heating sources (e.g. gas, oil-fired etc.) to more green energy heating options.

All our infrared heating products are much more energy efficient to run than most other conventional means.

So why not come and Join our INNOVATIVE World for all your Eco Friendly, Healthy, Energy Saving, Infrared Heating Products and Devices and Help us to build a Clean Energy Future...

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Energy Saving Infrared Heating Products at Affordable Prices

Picture of Blocks spelling InnovationAll our Infrared Heating Products are innovative in terms of their unique healthy and well-being and exceptional cost saving properties compared to conventional similar electric heating products. 

Our primary objective is to provide these innovative products at affordable prices that are second to none in terms of value for money.

Plus via various Government initiatives like the Green Deal and Carbon Trust, further savings may be possible depending upon what schemes are available from time to time.

Thus a particularly pleasant feeling of heat develops at the same time providing a health-promoting component.

Infrared heating warmth is widely used for medical purposes and has been applied over the years for rheumatism or back pain with large success.

An Introductory Video on FAR Infrared Heating

We've included this video to give you a full perspective of how Infrared Heating actually works as well as the exceptional benefits of FAR Infrared Heating for your health...

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